CNN’s bone-chilling follow-up to doxxing a grandma

· August 10, 2018  
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The long game …

A persistent quest … The banning of Infowars’ Alex Jones by social media companies was the culmination of a months-long quest by CNN producers and “journalists.” The campaign didn’t start weeks ago with “Oliver Darcy: Thought Cop.” It started months ago when a CNN producer started calling advertisers whose ads appeared on Infowars’ content on YouTube to get a reaction.

Twitchy has the story of CNN’s hard turn into activist journalism. CNN looks more like left-wing outlets ProPublica, ThinkProgress, and Vox than the neutral arbiter of news they pretend to be.

The article lays out how CNN writer and producer Paul Murphy has been targeting Jones for de-platforming and using the power and clout of CNN to make it happen. This isn’t journalism; it’s left-wing anti-freedom activism.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest fan of Alex Jones. But once people like Paul Murphy taste blood, they aren’t stopping at Jones. Just ask the grandma CNN doxxed for sharing a pro-Trump event with her friends.

NYT writer sent to doghouse over Jeong tweet … Twitchy titled this story: “PATHETIC! A NYT writer criticized Sarah Jeong, and you WON’T BELIEVE what happened next.” Of course, we know what happened next. It’s what always happens when you go against political correctness in a place like the New York Times. You get curb-stomped.

Elizabeth Williamson is a features writer at the New York Times. She recently shared an opinion piece written by Bret Stephens about Jeong, prefacing it with this: “Here’s @BretStephensNYT offering a classy welcome to a colleague who has yet to prove she deserves one.”

And you’ll never guess what happened next:

According to The Wrap, “an outraged mob of Jeong defenders swiftly swarmed the tweet, generating hundreds of comments.” And now, Williamson’s tweet is gone, replaced by — what else? — an apology.

You will not think differently. You will not call out racism. Unless it is committed by a 40- to 70-something white person, who preferably is a Republican. Because outside that group, racism doesn’t exist.

The Peterson effect … If you’ve heard of Canadian academic Jordan Peterson but have struggled to figure out his appeal, the Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan breaks down how the psychology professor has enlightened a generation to individualism and how that makes the Left afraid of him.

In the midst of this death rattle has come a group of thinkers, Peterson foremost among them, offering an alternative means of understanding the world to a very large group of people who have been starved for one.

I think it’s a very important look into how those of us in the conservative movement can break through the programming of the state and reignite the flames of freedom in the younger generations.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.