Crediting any of this to Obama is absurd

· December 8, 2017  
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It’s stories like this that make it absolutely impossible to have sensible conversations with liberals. Trump is now nearly a year into his presidency, and the economy, by any reasonable measure, is booming.

For example:

  • Economic growth rates have now, for 2 consecutive quarters, surpassed 3 percent — an annual growth rate that Obama never achieved in any year of his presidency.
  • The unemployment rate is dropping as the labor force participation rate is going up, a phenomenon that largely eluded Obama during his presidency.
  • Wages are finally rising. This only happened during a brief period at the end of the Obama presidency.

Crediting any of this to Obama is absurd. How does any reasonable Obama supporter explain away the fact that after 8 years of the Obama tax hikes, regulatory overreach, and explosive government spending, our economy grew at the slowest pace in modern times? And yet, when Trump entered the Oval Office, this all turned around as Obama’s policies were slowly dismantled.

We’re never going to be able to evaluate the effects of sensible economic policies if we continue to ignore the reality staring us in the face. Facts matter. 


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Editor’s note: A version of this piece originally appeared on Dan Bongino’s Facebook page.

Author: Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino is a New York Times best-selling author, former Secret Service agent, and former GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate and Congress. Follow him on Twitter @dbongino.