Daniel Horowitz exposes the chain migration bait-and-switch with Mark Levin

· January 11, 2018  
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On his Wednesday radio program, CRTV host Mark Levin interviewed Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz, discussing how America’s sovereignty has been stolen through unchecked illegal immigration.

“Our politicians haven’t treated America like any other nation-state. It’s a joke; they don’t defend our sovereignty,” Horowitz told Levin. He explained that illegal immigration has increased back to Obama levels in recent months as foreigners pay attention when President Trump tells lawmakers he wants to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” amnesty.

“That tells me that they know that once you come here and have a child, even the president, even Trump and his rhetoric, doesn’t have the appetite to enforce the law,” Horowitz said.


Levin noted that there are some Republicans, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who have been pushing against immigration enforcement for years.

“Whereas the Democrat Party harnesses the power of their base to advance their agenda, the Republican leaders like Lindsey Graham, they try to make an end run around their base,” Horowitz said. “What they’re gonna do is indulge our talking points. ‘Here’s a little bit of border. Here’s a little bit of enforcement.’ They’re even gonna say, ‘Here’s a little bit of chain migration reform.'”

Horowitz made a striking point about Republican talking points on ending chain migration. He explained that Republicans are talking about prohibiting illegal aliens being granted green cards from bringing in extended family to the country. But this is already illegal. The real chain migration issue is that once immigrants become citizens, they can bring in whoever they want. “They’re creating a false law and knocking it down,” Horowitz explained.

“I want to be clear what you’re saying,” Levin said. “Just because someone is legalized, they can’t cut into that chain migration yet. They have to become a citizen.”

“Exactly, so they’re repealing something that doesn’t exist,” Horowitz said.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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