Democrat Cuomo calls ICE ‘a bunch of thugs’; former ICE director slams ‘disgusting’ comments

· August 30, 2018  
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NY Gov Andrew Cuomo at Democratic gubernatorial primary debate
Craig Ruttle | Getty Images

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan slammed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after the Democrat said in a debate that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are “a bunch of thugs.”

Cuomo is facing a Democratic primary challenge in his re-election bid from actress Cynthia Nixon, a leftist running on abolishing ICE. During a debate with Nixon at Hofstra University Wednesday night, Cuomo used the issue of immigration to position himself as an opponent of President Donald Trump and a credentialed anti-immigration enforcement zealot.

“New York State is the state that is suing Donald Trump for ripping babies from the arms of their mothers, New York State is the state that says we will not cooperate with ICE, they’re a bunch of thugs,” Cuomo said. “We said we will sue them if they violate any criminal laws in the state of New York.”

Reacting on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, Homan said he took Cuomo’s comments personally.

“What he’s saying and his actions are disgusting,” Homan said. “These are men and women who are fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters, sons and daughters that chose to enforce laws in this country.”

“Actually, ICE arrests thugs. MS-13 members, gang members, drug traffickers,” Homan added. He pointed out that ICE has arrested over 5,000 criminal aliens off in the sanctuary city of New York, many who walked out of “[Cuomo’s] sanctuary jails.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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