Dick Durbin repeats smear of conservatives in #Time100 tribute to Jimmy Kimmel

· April 19, 2018  
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Senator Dick Durbin
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Disgracing the pages of Time magazine’s 2018 list of the 100 most influential people, Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill., wrote a short blurb praising late-night host Jimmy Kimmel for his role in attributing false motives to conservative opponents of Obamacare.

Last year, Kimmel shared the story of his infant son’s open-heart surgery, arguing that his personal experience demonstrates the need for Obamacare’s government control of health insurance. In paying tribute to Kimmel, Durbin praised him for spreading the false narrative that President Trump and the Republicans wanted to “take health insurance away from millions of Americans.”

Jimmy Kimmel is a funny man, and he makes a living telling jokes about people like me. Washington never fails to give him plenty of material. But my favorite Jimmy moment was a serious monologue with only a few laughs.

Last year, Jimmy told America the story of his infant son Billy, who was born with a congenital heart condition, and the extraordinary care that saved his life. And then Jimmy looked into the camera and told all of us in Washington to get real about health insurance and make sure every baby Billy had a fighting chance. Night after night he sparred with the politicians who tried to take health insurance from millions of Americans. In the end we stopped them with one vote in the Senate and one great comedian on late-night TV. Thanks, Jimmy.

Durbin repeats a dirty smear. There is not a single conservative in America who wants to take health insurance or health care away from people. It is, in fact, Obamacare that is driving up the cost of health insurance premiums, that is raising costs and forcing insurers out of networks where people need insurance, that is burying doctors in paperwork, destroying private practices, and driving the health insurance market towards collapse.

But the Left never discusses the failures of their utopian government programs. Instead they tell emotional stories to generate sympathy, ignoring the facts in order to push an agenda.

For a review of how Kimmel got the facts wrong, check out this video by CRTV host Steven Crowder, who debunked Kimmel’s narrative last year. If Durbin was honest, he’d do well to check it out too.

Jimmy Kimmel Uses Sick Son to Bash Trump!

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