DNC manager says ‘cisgender straight white males’ need not apply

· October 31, 2017  
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Tom Williams | AP Images

The Democratic National Committee is looking for new hires in the technology department, but straight white males need not apply.

On Monday, DNC data services manager Madeleine Leader sent an email to DNC insiders with the subject line “Work at the DNC!” A copy of the email, obtained by Elliott Hamilton at the Daily Wire, lists eight open positions at the DNC and asks the recipients to forward the information to their contacts.

“As you may have heard, we are rebuilding the Technology Team into a robust well-oiled machine that can tackle all elections from the Presidential down to Dog Catcher and School Board,” Leader writes.

But then she adds, “What’s more important is that we are focused on hiring and maintaining a staff of diverse voices and life experiences, something that we desperately need if we hope to secure the future of our country.”

Leader then clarifies what she means by “diverse;” namely, explicit hiring discrimination.

“I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority,” she instructs the email recipients.

So if you want to work at the technology department in the DNC, it’s not really your qualifications that matter. It’s whether you tick certain checkboxes on the racial/sexual identity victimhood forms every wannabe progressive Democrat must fill out before talking about their resume and work experience.

The anonymous DNC source that tipped off the Daily Wire responded to this email, saying the DNC is “doubling down on a failed strategy that has alienated staffers and voters alike.”

Well, more power to them. If the DNC doesn’t want to hire the best candidates for technology jobs that are crucial to winning elections, let the Democratic Party rot in a permanent electoral minority. But just watch those hypocrites keep turning around and claiming to be the party of “inclusivity.”


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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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