Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to Mark Levin: Global jihadism ‘is growing faster than it ever has’

· June 18, 2018  
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Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on Life, Liberty & Levin
Screenshot | Fox News

Sunday on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Dr. Zuhdi Jasser spoke with LevinTV host Mark Levin to explain the terror threats America currently faces.

“It’s very quiet right now,” Levin told Jasser. “And when it’s very quiet, I get very nervous.”

Jasser, who rejects political Islam though he was raised Muslim, explained that though there have been few Islamic terror acts in recent news, “the Muslim world is not quiet.”

“Global Salafi jihadism, which is this ideology of anti-Westernism, of theocracy, is growing faster than it ever has,” Jasser said.


“I’m a doctor, as you said, and I treat disease; I don’t treat symptoms. And the disease of what we’re facing is not just terrorism; that’s a symptom. That’s a whack-a-mole program. The disease is political Islam.”

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Author: Carmel Kookogey