Enough with DACA! Where’s the sympathy for THESE Americans?

· September 5, 2017  
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They are the most powerful constituency in the country. Almost every politician and billionaire, every giant corporation, every lobbying shop, the entire legal profession, and the courts are doing everything they can on their behalf. They are illegal aliens, the so-called ‘Dreamers.’ Who is standing up for the forgotten man, the true undocumented constituency: the American dreamer?

Here is the proper context of the broader immigration issue that will be absent from the media coverage and the political posturing from the derelict politicians — the reality that the swamp political elites refuse to acknowledge.

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Yes, we still have a Constitution

From watching the screeching of the media and the liberals, one would think it was Trump who broke long-standing statute, not Obama. This could not be farther from the truth.

Imagine a conservative president telling Congress that if it fails to take action on Social Security reform, he will unilaterally allow younger workers to divert their FICA taxes into private investment accounts. The president then concocts a tax amnesty program and gives it a mellifluous-sounding with a legislative-sounding acronym for an aura of legitimacy — the Let American Children Achieve program (LACA). Now, imagine a Democrat president winning the next election. Do you think this program would exist for a single minute past the inaugural ball? Do you think anyone would have treated the illegal program as a legitimate statute and the elimination of it as lawlessness?

We have a Constitution, the rule of law, and separation of powers, and that still matters. The president must faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress, most certainly long-standing immigration laws governing our sovereignty. If anything, Obama’s executive amnesty was a much greater usurpation than our Social Security hypothetical, because he violated the self-determination of the entire people by conferring privileges, including Social Security cards and refundable tax credits, on people who have no right to be in this country. When contrasting the role of a president with that of a king in Federalist #69, Alexander Hamilton wrote that whereas “[T]he one [a president] can confer no privileges whatever; the other [a king] can make denizens of aliens.”

A false sense of moral superiority

From reading the headlines of media narratives, one would come away with the impression that nobody exists other than illegal alien “dreamers,” most of whom are valedictorians and the highest order of creation. As is the case with all issues, liberals isolate straw-man talking points and ignore the broader context. They present a false dichotomy: Do you empathize with those who were brought here “by no fault of their own” and are nothing but amazing assets to America? Gee, who doesn’t?

But whose fault is it? It’s not the fault of American taxpayers. It’s the fault of the immigrants’ parents and their countries of origin, particularly the country of Mexico, which has used every tool of statecraft to instigate endless violations of our border integrity for decades. The forgotten people in this discussion are the American communities that are suffering from rampant crime, social and language problems in schools, a drained health care and welfare system, and drugs and gang activity in so many parts of the country. A lawless border brings in an enormous number of problems along with some good individuals, but the source of the problem is the endless promise of “dream” amnesty. Thus, a focus on foreign nationals in a vacuum necessarily violates the social compact between a government and its people to focus on its own citizens first.

The media will showcase endless illegal alien recipients of Obama’s amnesty in a sympathetic light but will never show the victims of illegal immigration and those who have been raped by DACA recipients.

Outright ignoring the plight of ordinary Americans

Why don’t the politicians express any pity for Americans or any sense of outrage and urgency to rectify these problems before they focus in a vacuum on foreign nationals? After addressing these issues, then come back to us and work on the needs of foreign national dreamers.

There’s an army of thousands of lawyers, lobbyists, and the most powerful masters of commerce advocating on behalf of every illegal alien, even including the violent ones. Who is speaking for the Americans and addressing their concerns, which were brought on by these very policies?

Of course some of these people deserve pity in a vacuum. But so do Americans. And from a public policy standpoint, the needs of Americans must come first. That is the essence of the social contract between a society and its government. It’s no different from the imprisonment of criminals, even though such justice will necessarily hurt the criminals’ children. The children are suffering by no fault of their own. That is true. But our job is to do justice, stand for the rule of law, and, much like the head of a household, take care of our people first. We can’t fix everything, and that is not what God expects of us. In their pursuit of a utopia, liberals create a living hell and a perennial cycle of amnesty and open borders, which hurt the people whom they have a moral obligation to represent to the betterment of those they do not.

The goal of ending amnesty is to ensure that no other families are placed in this predicament in the future. And based on the dramatic drop in illegal immigration since Trump was elected, it’s clear that the promise to end amnesty dissuades people from making the dangerous journey and embarking on a generational mistake.

For more on the false morality of amnesty, listen to my podcast from last September.

The promise of “Dream” amnesty is the core cause of leaky borders

Advocates of amnesty are not only exhibiting backwards priorities. Their myopic focus on the desires and aspirations of children of foreign nationals is the root cause of the current immigration crisis and will continue exacerbating it if left unchallenged. The lynchpin of the endless flow of illegal immigration has always been the unspoken promise that once they come here with kids, they are here to stay. Thus, the endless cycle of amnesties, particularly for those who came here as children, is the culprit for so much of the problem and all of the fiscal, social, and security woes that have come with it. Nobody who supports yet another amnesty for “dreamers” can possibly claim a desire to secure our borders.

As Ian Smith of the Immigration Reform Law Institute observed in 2015, “[F]rom 2012, when DACA was announced, to last year [2014], UAM [Unaccompanied Child Minor] apprehensions increased 490 percent, 444 percent, and 610 percent for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, respectively.” He added that “even the Congressional Research Service, the Washington Post, and the Soros-funded Migration Policy Institute have made the link between ending the threat of deportation and the rise in illegal immigration.

That link between incentives and border crossings was driven home when The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) drafted a memo in 2014 asserting that 95 percent of the border crossers interviewed cited the promise of amnesty as the primary factor behind their migration, not violence back home.

Almost 30 percent of the Central American “children” being held in federal facilities as a result of the recent DACA-induced wave of border crossings have ties to gangs, according to federal officials.

One is entitled to advance a political argument for granting amnesty at the right time when the needs of Americans have been addressed first. But to suggest that there is a legal entitlement to unilaterally override basic immigration laws —laws that every country enacts — reveals a lot more about their sense of morality than they realize. Indeed, the “Americans last” mindset of amnesty advocates and their utter disregard for the social problems created by their very advocacy is the crux of what makes Washington a swamp.

Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.