Federal judge dismisses transgender bathroom lawsuit: Students ‘do not have a fundamental privacy right’

· August 7, 2018  
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Gender neutral restroom
SloMoe | Getty Images

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Oregon schools’ policy that allows boys in girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa, LifeSiteNews reported Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez dismissed the case against the policy, saying it was not a violation of privacy rights for males to be allowed in female restrooms.

“High school students do not have a fundamental privacy right to not share school restrooms, lockers, and showers with transgender students whose biological sex is different than theirs,” Hernandez wrote.

So, teenage girls in high school have a fundamental privacy right to kill their unborn children, but not to their own bathrooms? This is progressivism.

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Author: Carmel Kookogey