Footnotes: Mars, MS-13, and NorKs

· March 12, 2018  
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Trump and Kim Jong Un
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Elon Musk wants to go to Mars, even if it kills us

1. Elon Musk, founder of Space X and Tesla, wants to have trips to Mars within the next few years.
[Short trips first, with a cargo mission by 2022]

2. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is also getting into the space and rocket game.
[Currently spending over $1 billion on funding space travel development]

MS-13 is a national crisis

Trump has made MS-13 a priority, but the real problem rests as blood on the hands of Congress

1. Daniel Horowitz, host of CRTV’s “The Conservative Conscience” podcast, has been on top of the MS-13 situation for years. His new piece on MS-13 is a must-read — it isn’t a problem only in “other cities.”
[“American schoolchildren and taxpayers are the victims.”]

2. A year ago, CR’s prolific writer Chris Pandolfo wrote about the MS-13 influx into New York and its schools.
[MS-13 is “terrorizing” families into taking in illegal aliens, in cities like Brentwood, NY]

3. Fast-forward to this year: Brentwood, NY, is struggling with MS-13 “taking over [a] school.”
[Six Brentwood students have been murdered by MS-13 members in the last two school years; many of the gang members are students at the school]

Steve Deace on set

Dispelling the myths

CRTV’s Nate Madden & Firepower 101

1. Over the weekend, CRTV’s miniseries, “Firepower 101,” featuring Nate Madden, host of CRTV’s “Capitol Hill Brief,” received a ton of views and engagement. Nate does an excellent job of simultaneously debunking media myths and talking points about guns, while also educating and explaining the basics of firearms and ballistics.
[You can watch the entire series at CRTV]

capitol hill brief firepower

NorK cold feet?

Trump’s big announcement 

1. In today’s The Dossier, CRTV’s national security and foreign policy daily newsletter, there is a report that North Korea might have some cold feet over the NK/USA meeting set to happen in the coming weeks.
[Jordan Schachtel of The Dossier says that South Korea’s Ministry of Unification has told the BBC that no official confirmation of the meeting has come from the NorKs]

2. Is the MSM giving a bit of praise to Trump because it doubts the chances of this meeting actually happening?
[It could explain why a few outlets have made some laudatory remarks about Trump]

Feats of courage and strength

Iditarod and Paralympics

1. Team USA is cruising in the medal standings right now at the Paralympics.
[As I have said, I am an Olympics freak, and some of my favorite events are in the Winter Paralympics — e.g. Sled Hockey and Biathlon]

2. The Iditarod should end within the next 24 hours, and the top contenders are all making a strong, exciting race out of it.
[A Seavey has won the race for the last six in a row, and since Dallas is not racing this year, it could be the year we see Petit, Ulsom, or one of the other top contenders finally win]

End is the beginning

1. Nuns: Tragically, one of the nuns in a legal battle with Katy Perry over a convent in California died in a courtroom during the proceedings.
[May Sister Catherine Rose Holzman rest in eternal peace]

2. Sorority: A Lehigh sorority has been suspended for two years over what is being called a “reprehensible” scavenger hunt.
[Alpha Chi Omega]

3. Brackets: The website 538, home of Nate Silver, has its team -by-team analysis of the NCAA tournament.
[Who do you have winning it all?]

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