Footnotes: Videos emerge in the Austin bombings and in the Las Vegas shooting

· March 22, 2018  
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Mass Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas Leaves At Least 50 Dead
Denise Truscello | Getty Images

Money, it’s a gas

“2,232 pages. $1.3 trillion. 48 hours.”

1. The omnibus spending bill is a joke.
[Here are the top 10 problems with the bill, in case you haven’t broken anything in anger yet today]

2. Sen. Mike Lee is urging his Senate colleagues to vote against the bill.
[Also urging Americans not to vote for members who vote for the bill]

3. Only 25 House Republicans tried to procedurally stop the bill.
[Bet you won’t be surprised by who’s on the list!]

Videos paint invisible portraits of killers

Videos of the Vegas shooter and the Austin bomber exist

1. Late last night, word broke that the Austin bomber left a sort of “confession” video on his phone, but offered little insight into his motives.
[“… it is the outcry of a very challenged individual …”]

2. Then, this morning, the NY Times released an exclusive video montage of the Vegas shooter from CCTV footage the paper has obtained.
[The haunting images flash before you, and while we know the ending, the videos paint a picture that still doesn’t seem to add up]

3. Even harder to watch is a minute-by-minute picture painted through cellphone videos that the NYT also spliced together.
[Watching these two videos in succession leaves me with a lot of questions and a math problem]

Steven Crowder LIVE

#LwC invades SMU tonight

1. Steven Crowder will be LIVE tonight at SMU in Dallas. If you’re in the area, you can sign up for the #MugClub ON SITE starting at 6pm. Then, bring your mug to the event in order to bypass the line in the #SwagLane.
[If you can’t make it, you can always watch it live on CRTV]

Trump v. Biden

The battle for the presidency. No, seriously, like they want to fight

1. POTUS and the former veep traded jabs on Twitter about literally trading jabs.
[2018 is the most 2016 year ever]

Social media ostracizing guns

It started quietly and is building to a crescendo

1. YouTube is ramping up its crackdown on gun videos.
[Channels have been told the new rules are retroactive, making them take down previously allowed videos, and they have only 30 days to comply]

2. One channel’s content, or at least some of it, is moving to a different site: P*rnHub.
[This link is safe; it goes to Twitter, and they link — beyond that, I can’t make promises]

Is “covfefe” still a thing?

1. Coffee: Lids for disposable cups are very complicated.
[This is eye-opening … heh, you know, like coffee. Please laugh.]

2. 17: The Stoneman Douglas hockey team had to compete for the state championship in the wake of the school shooting that took 17 of their classmates.
[Watch the moving special about how they played for their school and community]

3. Butthead: And his pal Beavis may be coming back to the big screen.
[Mike Judge is looking to reboot his two most famous shows]

4. Canada: The government of Canada looks to move away from using “mother” and “father.”
[Although their first directive to do so left a lot of people confused — sorry!]

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