Footnotes: White House cleans house, Daniel Defense, and the death of Geoffrey?

· March 13, 2018  
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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at his confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate. Ron Sachs | AP Photo

White House cleaning

Staff changes are afoot!

1. The day started with the following staff moves within the Trump administration:

  • Rex Tillerson OUT as secretary of state
  • Mike Pompeo IN as secretary of state
  • Gina Haspel IN as CIA director

[The Pompeo move is a significant upgrade at State, says Jordan Schachtel]

2. Reports then came out that this is just the start of what could be a busy week of staff shuffling.
[Maggie Haberman, who broke the Hope Hicks story, says that the week could see more major moves]

3. There was some “confusion” over the Tillerson firing at first. Conflicting reports of when he knew, how he knew, and what lead to the dismissal had all the MSM Twitterati in a tizzy.
[Then it was learned that it all started from a disgruntled State Department staffer under Tillerson. That person has been fired as well]

4. We have also learned that a longtime Trump assistant was fired for an undisclosed security issue.
[The latest staffer to be removed for a newly tightened security clearance policy]

Phil Robertson in the kitchen

God. Family. Hunting.
Watch “In the Woods with Phil” — only on CRTV

CRTV pick a plan image

The Daniel Defense defense

A long weekend for the gun maker

1. Late Friday, one of the most popular and well-liked gun manufacturers, Daniel Defense put out a statement from the company’s founder, Marty Daniel, asking people to help support the Fix NICS gun bill.
[Link note: The statement has since been taken offline]

2. Then, yesterday, Daniel Defense put out a new statement from Marty saying that he had heard from thousands of gun owners and that he was wrong to put out the original call to action. While this appeased some owners, the Facebook group of owners was overwhelmingly unimpressed.
[Here is the new statement from Daniel]

RIP: The Toys “R” Us kid?

It could be the end of an era

1. There has been a steady flow of reports lately that Toys “R” Us is in some serious trouble.
[Complete closure is a real possibility]

2. As of now, though, the company’s stance is that it is open for business.
[A tweet last week seemed to acknowledge there is cause for concern, but the company will operate as usual, for now]

Gavin McInnes on set of GOML

Gavin McInnes doesn’t pull any punches.
Watch “Get Off My Lawn” — Only at CRTV

Spiritual Mafia

1. Weddings: Don’t drink and wed.
[Or if you do, get a limo]

2. Lottery: If you win the lottery you can stay anonymous!
[Judge rules winner is legally allowed to remain a secret]

3. NCAA: A ref is being punished months after a back-turning incident with a player.
[“TV Teddy” will get to watch the tourney on the TV]

4. TSwift: Did you catch all the hidden messages in the new video for “Delicate”?
[Here’s 10 that you may have missed]

5. Apple: New iOS and Mac OS will be announced on June 4.
[The unveiling will happen at the WWDC]

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Mark Levin playbox promo

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