Freedom Caucus co-founder: ‘There had better be’ a push for a stronger immigration bill

· January 26, 2018  
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Rep. Mark Meadows talking with Rep. Jim Jordan
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call | AP Photo

While the White House pushes an amnesty deal unpopular with conservatives, one group of lawmakers is pushing for a harder-line measure with more support from the conservative base.

The conservative House Freedom Caucus plans to push GOP leadership for a vote on a stronger bill, according to caucus co-founder Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

In a Friday afternoon phone interview with CRTV, Jordan said that one of the promises made to House conservatives during the last shutdown fight was that leadership would whip votes for a harder-line immigration measure in exchange for support to keep the federal government running. And he intends for them to make good on it.

“There had better be” a push for the bill in the House, Jordan said. “It was a deal.”


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Immigration hawks have been up in arms over the proposed deal on President Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program for illegal immigrants that would create a path to citizenship for over 1.8 million illegal immigrants.

During the interview Jordan expressed “concerns” about President Trump’s proposal. Efforts need to be aimed at stopping immigration and enhancing border security, he said.

In contrast, the bill introduced by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and others would provide renewal legal status for DACA beneficiaries, rather than the pathway to citizenship which has been unpopular among conservative immigration reform advocates for years.

“Our position has been clear. We’re for that bill,” Jordan told CRTV, calling it “consistent with what the American people sent us there to do.”

Jordan says that they plan to hold leadership’s feet to the fire on that promise, noting that he had just left a voicemail about it with Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., just a few minutes earlier.

“Most of those members are strongly in favor of the Goodlatte bill, some of them want something even stronger than the Goodlatte bill,” Jordan said. “That’s where the Freedom Caucus is right now.”

Author: Nate Madden

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