‘Hate group’ or just people the MSM disagrees with?

· July 13, 2017  
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Hate group? …

ABC News smears social conservatives … Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke before the Alliance Defending Freedom recently. The ADF is a conservative legal organization that provides representation, often on a pro bono basis, to religious organizations fighting for religious freedom. ABC News called ADF “an alleged hate group” because the Southern Poverty Law Center says so. That’s just blatant bias.

SPLC has jumped the shark … Speaking of SPLC: As I shared in an email last month, Ben Schreckinger, writing at Politico, already wondered if the organization, naming even mainstream conservative organizations as hate groups, has “jumped the shark.” Our friends at NewsBusters highlighted the story.

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MSM missing this Russia story angle …

Did Russia pay for the “Trump Dossier”? … Here’s a story from May that has some relevance today. It is an angle not explored by the mainstream media. Mollie Hemingway, writing at The Federalist, summarized an exchange between Lindsey Graham and James Comey. In that exchange, Graham asked Comey if the Russians funded the dossier work of Fusion GPS. Comey said, “I don’t want to say.”

Guess who was associated with Fusion GPS? … Erick Erickson, not exactly the most MAGA of conservative personalities, reminds us of something that broke over the course of the week. The Russian lawyer that Trump Jr. met with … yeah, she has ties to that very same Fusion GPS.

Las Vegas reporter spooked by train with military equipment … Todd Prince, a business reporter at the Las Vegas Review Journal, had his own Russia take. He tweeted a short video of a train with military equipment on it. Here’s what he said: “Train hauling military equipment through Vegas. Have seen something similar in Russia a few times, but never here til today.” Psst … Todd, the U.S. Army even runs its own private railroad in Virginia to train soldiers on how to run such trains …

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.