Heroes of Houston: Pictures of true Americanism

· August 28, 2017  
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Layton Carpenter walks down an empty driveway in Bayside, Texas, holding a broken American flag that he found in the water after Hurricane Harvey hit, Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017. Olivia Vanni | AP Photo

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, government officials predict that 30,000 people will be driven into shelters and 450,000 will need to seek disaster assistance.

Between Saturday and Sunday, more than two feet of rain fell on Houston. Homes are completely under water. Many have lost everything they have. And still, even more rain is coming.

“This is a landmark event for Texas,” said FEMA Administrator Brock Long on Monday. “Texas has never seen an event like this.”

Rescue operations are still under way. The U.S. Coast Guard said Sunday that it is “conducting urban search and rescue in the city of Houston” alongside local police, fire, and other federal and state agencies.

But the great people of the United States of America didn’t wait for the government to help their countrymen in need.

Even more awesome than the storm, and I mean awesome in the true sense of the word — awe-inspiring — are the noble and courageous acts of heroism by Americans in Houston, observed on social media over the weekend.

There are heroes in Houston who need to be recognized, honored, and emulated.

There are heroes in our police forces.

From all over the country.

Helping those in need.

Reporters too.

Rescue efforts went well into the night and are still ongoing.

Why did they do it?

Because this is America. These are Americans. And this is what Americans do when people need help.

God bless the U.S.A.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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