The heroic football coach who laid down his life in Florida shooting

· February 15, 2018  
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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School football coach Aaron Feis | Instagram

Aaron Feis sacrificed his life so that others could live.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School football coach likely saved many lives Wednesday when he placed himself between the suspected gunman and students during the mass shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida. Feis was one of 17 people whose lives were taken Wednesday.

Stories of Feis’ good nature and kindness are coming in from around the country as told by his students, colleagues, friends, and family.

“He died the same way he lived — he put himself second,” school spokesperson Denise Lehtio told CNN. “He was a very kind soul, a very nice man. He died a hero.”

The school confirmed his passing early Thursday.

Colton Haab, a player on the high school football team, told CNN that Feis shielded three of his female classmates from the suspected gunmen. “That’s coach Feis,” he added.

Head football coach Willis May told the Sun Sentinel that Feis immediately sprung into action upon hearing gunfire. “I heard Aaron say, ‘No, that is not firecrackers,'” May told the paper. “That’s the last I heard of him.”

“Big ol’ teddy bear … Hardcore — he coached hard. Real good line. He did a great job with the [offensive] line. He took pride with working with those guys. Loyalty — I trusted him. He had my back. He worked hard. Just a good man. Loved his family. Loved his brother. Just an excellent family man,” May added of coach Feis.

In a press conference Thursday, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel described Feis as “one of the greatest people I knew” and “a phenomenal man.”

“I know Aaron personally,” Sheriff Israel said. “I coached with him. My two boys played for him. I don’t know when Aaron’s funeral is. I don’t know how many adults are going to go, but you’ll get 2,000 kids there.”

“The kids in this community loved him. They adored him. I don’t know the specifics yet, but I can tell you what—when Aaron Feis died, when he was killed tragically, inhumanely, he did it protecting others. You can guarantee that. ‘Cause that’s who Aaron Feis was,” Israel added.

Author: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review and editor of The Dossier for Blaze Media. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.