Hillary Clinton: The pioneer of the ‘Alt-Left’

· August 25, 2016  
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There have been copious pages of ink spilt in recent years over the ideological debates within the Republican Party and the broader right-of-center political movement in this country. There has been the Tea Party, the Chambercrats, libertarians, constitutional conservatives, neo-conservatives, paleo-conservatives – and everything in between. Most elected Republicans are just plain ‘stand for nothing’ technocrats who embody the pale pastels Reagan warned about. 

In recent months, we’ve seen the rise of a movement known as the “Alt-Right,” which seeks to replace constitutional conservatism – rooted in ordered liberty, patriotism, and in the Judeo-Christian founding – with European-style nationalism/populism. Hillary Clinton is set to deliver a speech today addressing her feigned outrage over the rise of the Alt-Right, and in her mind, how it embodies the entire Right in this country. What nobody in the media bothers to mention is that we are having all of these debates on the Right precisely because there are different points of view. On the Left, there is no longer any debate. Every single elected Democrat is now a full-throated member of an extremist coalition the media refuses to recognize: the “Alt-Left,” and Hillary Clinton herself was the original pioneer of the modern movement. This is a movement that is not just liberal but seeks to fundamentally alter the character of our nation as founded. Hillary’s existing Democrat Party is a mirror image of what the political Right in America would look like if all of its prominent figures and elected officials had accounts at Stormfront.org, the neo-Nazi internet forum. 

Like frogs in a slow-boiling pot of water, we become desensitized to the change in climate around us and lose sight of the fact that the Democrat Party, while never fully rooted in any of our founding values, was not always the party of cultural and economic Marxism with no regard for the sovereignty, security, and civil society of this country. It’s not just that “this ain’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party;” it ain’t your father’s Democrat Party either.

Bill Clinton’s Democrat Party

Believe it or not the party wasn’t always universally and stridently against organized religion (except Islam), religious liberty, traditional marriage, borders and sovereignty, national security, and Israel. It’s actually quite a new phenomenon that every member of the party must be fanatically into transgenderism, boo God, the military, and Jerusalem at their convention, support full-blown cradle-to-grave Marxism (Hillary to Bernie: “your cause is our cause”) promote and defend every abortion on demand — including taxpayer funding for harvesting baby organs — embrace and idolize every form of sexual promiscuity, place illegal aliens ahead of Americans, coddle the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, cozy up to every Islamic totalitarian under the sun — from Mohamed Morsi and the Ayatollahs to Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and champion violent lawlessness and the crime agenda in our major cities.

Hillary’s existing Democrat Party is a mirror image of what the political Right in America would look like if all of its prominent figures and elected officials had accounts at Stormfront.org, the neo-Nazi internet forum.

Indeed, even a southern Democrat in this generation is more of an economic and cultural Marxist than a northern Democrat of just one generation ago. Every single elected Democrat in this country has now subscribed to all or most of the Alt-Left agenda that began its complete takeover of the party last decade.

Yet, just one generation ago, recent enough to have been embodied through the policies of the husband of the current Democrat nominee, the party wasn’t uniformly behind the Alt-Left agenda. Bill Clinton and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. (F, 2%) promoted the Religious Freedom Restoration ACT (RFRA), which now won’t even be defended by the current “conservative” GOP vice presidential candidate. Clinton constantly spoke of making abortions rare. Bill signed welfare reform and championed balanced budgets and an end to the era of big government. Most Democrats at the time respected the institution of marriage as the building block of civilization. They even respected our Judeo-Christian heritage and most certainly respected an individual’s right to conscience. Most Democrats at least gave lip service to national security, were pro-Israel, anti-Iran, and at least were somewhat consistent on human rights when it came to radical Islam.

Bill Clinton signed bills into law that were tough on domestic crime and illegal immigration. As I noted last week, Clinton spoke more articulately about sovereignty and the dangers of illegal immigration than Republicans do today when the problem is much more severe. It was the party that had people like Democratic Rep. Barbara Jordan who articulated the fiscal, social, and security concerns with mass migration and illegal immigration. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev. (F, 2%) introduced legislation to the Right of what is promoted today by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. (C, 78%) and Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa (C, 79%). Indeed, it wasn’t always the party that was open only to those who promote illegal immigration, transgenderism, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I came of political age in the ‘90s growing up in Maryland when former governor William Donald Shaefer was considered the generational leader of the state Democrat Party. He didn’t fully understand free markets or every aspect of the Constitution like conservatives do but he loved the country, appreciated our values and history, and exuded common sense. He later became state Comptroller and served as an elder statesman into his 80s. Then, in 2006, after serving as a Democrat official for a half century, Shaefer was thrown out of the party by the Alt-Left in a primary after he complained about some of the cultural Marxism, illegal immigration and the waning influence of the English language.

The modern day Democrat Party is no longer a liberal movement. It is a vehicle for de-civilization at every level of our society.

Hillary Represented the New Left Before Obama and Pelosi

A decade prior to the complete Alt-Left takeover of the party through the rise of the online insurgency spurred by Moveon.org, and the subsequent ascendancy of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, there was Hillary Clinton. While Americans were teased with a glimpse of the Alt-Left during the campaign of George McGovern in 1972, they long forgot about the dangers of such radicalism during the Reagan years in the ‘80s. Hillary’s ascendancy to national prominence as a left-wing culture warrior and champion of socialism kicked off a new generation of the far Left. It was the public perception of Hillary as Bill’s radical co-president that, to a large degree, led to the backlash that flipped Congress to the Republicans

Meanwhile, Hillary’s dreams of an Alt-left party were put on ice as Bill triangulated and Republicans actually stood for something worthy for a few years. Then, the failures of the Bush years led to the complete empowerment of the Alt-Left and the completion of their takeover, actualizing the vision pioneered by Hillary in the early ‘90s. The rest is history. Now, so many forget that many prominent Democrats weren’t always fringe lunatics. We now have a woman on the cusp of becoming president who will have a chief of staff that edited a Muslim Brotherhood publication that championed Islamic supremacism and the subjugation of women. Is nobody concerned about the end game of the Alt-Left ideology?

The Alt-Left and Feckless Republicans Gave Rise to the Alt-Right

This radical destabilizing ideology that has consumed the Democrat Party and all its institutions has naturally created a rubber-band effect in politics. The lack of an opposition party that stands for anything or effectively counters this dangerous ideology that repudiates our history, values and traditions, has given rise to new movements. Some are innocuous, some are virtuously seeking restoration of the constitutional values that made America great in the first place. Still others are downright noxious. But those small, yet problematic elements are a clear result of its ubiquitous twin sister on the Left – the Alt-Left ideology – a movement that is anything but small and marginalized. It is fully championed by an entire political party and their allies. And it was pioneered by the current nominee of that party – the very woman complaining about the rise of the Alt-Right.

Let’s not forget it was the rise of the online Alt-Left that first offered safe harbor and a platform for widespread anti-Semitism. The push-pull rubber-band effect in politics has a way of creating counter-movements that often adopt the same tactics and even principles of the side they were originally fighting. This is all the result of losing our timeless constitutional principles in pursuit of foreign ideals or in acquiescence to the de-civilization agenda of the Left.

If the media and Democrat leaders (sorry for the redundancy) are offended by some of the nastiness and the extreme foreign values being promoted in our political discourse today, they might want to look at the culprit for how this all got started.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.