Hollywood hypocrites and cowards silent on Harvey Weinstein

· October 6, 2017  
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On Thursday afternoon, one of Hollywood’s biggest “open secrets” was unleashed into the open world by The New York Times in a long overdue investigative report detailing decades of sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood tycoon, and long-time Democrat donor, Harvey Weinstein.

The story covered how Weinstein has reached settlements with at least eight women over three decades, featuring interviews from actresses, film executives, and employees of Weinstein describing the great distress he would cause women he allegedly made advances on, for fear of their careers.

Holding to the standards of progressivism, these victims ought to be “heard, believed, and supported,” right?   

So, where is Hollywood? Most of the progressive elites that grace our film and TV screens are loudly silent. And this reveals the sick double-standard and complete phoniness of the Left. Consider the reaction when crude audio emerged last year of one Donald Trump talking about grabbing women.


There were exhaustive accounts documenting the fury at candidate Donald Trump.

So, naturally, these champions of women are unanimously condemning Weinstein as a sexist pig and predator, right?


But … they still have plenty of things to say about all things Trump. 

These supposed progressive feminists need to be confronted with their disgusting hypocrisy and cowardice. According to CNN’s Jake Tapper, a Hollywood producer he knew confided that Weinstein’s sexual predation is “one of the most open secrets in Hollywood.” 

This man has allegedly been abusing women for decades. Countless people supposedly knew about it, and not one thought to out this predator? How many more women, and men for that matter, are knowingly victimized by predatory bosses and executives like Harvey Weinstein due to the silence of others? 



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Editor’s note: This article has been amended to add more detail regarding the recording of President Trump.

Author: Chris Pandolfo

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