Producer to ex-Secret Service agent: Shut up, ‘bullet sponge’

· November 20, 2017  
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Dan Bongino. Melina Mara | Getty Images

The men and women of the United States Secret Service put their lives on the line to defend U.S. presidents and other high-profile leaders from around the world — a sacrifice that most revere. But this is 2017, so it’s completely within the pale for someone who has never put himself in imminent danger to refer to those who have as a “bullet sponge.” Because. You know. Trump!

In a series of tweets sent out on Sunday, Hollywood producer Joe Carnahan called former United States Secret Service agent and congressional candidate and Conservative Review contributing editor Dan Bongino a “bullet sponge.”

Carnahan, responding to a tweet from another user, insulted Bongino’s intelligence and wrongly said that Bongino lost to a Democrat.

Bongino fired back, clarifying that he lost in the Republican primary in Florida and criticizing the filmmaker, saying that Carnahan didn’t have the courage to run for public office.

Carnahan referred to Bongino as a former “bullet sponge for better men” — referring to Bogino’s time in the presidential protective detail — and mocked his losses as a Republican in three congressional runs.

Bongino pointed out the appalling implications of Carnahan’s tweet, even as the producer doubled down.

Carnahan has produced such films as 2011’s “The Grey” and popular television series “The Blacklist,” but has never served in a capacity that might have required him to give his life for another human being. Nor has he ever run for public office. But that didn’t stop him from public mocking of one who has.

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Author: Nate Madden

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