Homegrown nuclear terrorism in Belgium proves Cruz Right

· March 28, 2016  
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Tihange nuclear power plant in Belgium. Isopix / Rex Features | AP Images

Over the weekend, it was reported that the Belgium terror plot was part of a broader effort to penetrate the country’s only two nuclear facilities. According to the Daily Mail, Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, the jihadi suicide bombers in last week’s terror attack, were surveilling the atomic facilities for weeks and seemed to have contact with some workers within the site. Eleven workers at the nuclear plant have since had their badges revoked.

This is no joke. This is probably the closest thing to nuclear terrorism we’ve witnessed in the age of jihad, and the plot was hatched in a western country by children of Islamic immigrants born in Belgium.

If you think for one minute this problem is limited to Europe, think again. Every week there is another incident of a homegrown terrorist arrested in any one of our fifty states on charges of aiding ISIS or some other radical Islamic group. And they are invariably affiliated with local Mosques run by offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood. The frontline in this war against Jihad is not in Syria; it’s right here in our backyard. The first objective should not be the placement of American boots on the ground in Syria, but ensuring that their boots are not on our ground.

For example, just last week “three George Mason students” were found with bomb-making materials in their dorm rooms. Unlike police shootings, in which the name of the cop is immediately released to the public, the names of these model students are still being withheld. While the details are still murky, it doesn’t take a genius to ascertain the description of these suspects. As I’ve said before, between the record Islamic immigration (which is predominantly young) and roughly 160,000 foreign students a year from the Middle East, our college campuses are a prime recruiting ground for Jihad.

This week’s news from Belgium demonstrates that Ted Cruz was exactly right when he said that in addition to stopping the new flow of Islamic immigrants to the U.S., we must “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. The next president could send troops all over the Middle East and even end all immigration from that part of the world. But if nothing is done to mitigate the radicalization of the over three million Muslims already living in America, we will be confronted with the calamity of Europe in just one generation. And if nothing is done about the influence of the enemy within — the Muslim Brotherhood — the defeat of ISIS would be almost moot.

Those in the media inaccurately and sanctimoniously saying that pro-active policing infringes upon American freedoms are the ones who are promoting tyranny. At its core, the job of government is to secure liberty for its populace by protecting the citizens from existential security threats. It is incontrovertibly clear that there is a huge terror recruiting problem in parts of Minneapolis and areas in Brooklyn, New York. The community leaders in these areas, assuming they truly value America and champion its ideals of freedom, should be the first ones embracing a proactive approach to rooting out the cancer of tyranny and terror within their midst. Do they want homegrown nuclear terrorists? That is exactly what we are witnessing in Belgium today as a result of both suicidal immigration policies and the lack of will to secure these neighborhoods from terror recruitment.

It’s time to wake up before it’s too late.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.