Horowitz: The real threat is ‘Russia’s nuclear prowess’

· July 19, 2018  
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Vladimir Putin
Mikhail Svetlov | Getty Images

On “The Conservative Conscience” podcast Wednesday, Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz explained why Americans need to get beyond the false dichotomy of either believing in Russian collusion or supporting Russia by default.

“There’s something much greater than the stupid election stuff, and that is Russia’s nuclear prowess,” Horowitz said. “They are developing nuclear superweapons beyond belief, nuclear offense, violating that stupid New START treaty.”

“Russia, at the end of the day, still has nuclear weapons. There are some theaters where they could be helpful, there’s theaters where they’re neutral, and there’s theaters where they’re hurting us. And we need to combat them where they’re hurting us,” he explained.


Horowitz laid out a strategy to use the Democrats’ current anti-Russia sentiment to force a much-needed policy change.

“Putin said he wants to extend this unilateral disarmament for America, this New START treaty that’s slated to expire in three years. Trump could flatly say no and call upon Ryan and McConnell to put a resolution on the floor to say we will not extend New START, unilateral disarmament. And that will single-handedly put the Democrats in a bind, because they all supported it — every Democrat and the media. Where was this anti-Russia prowess when we needed that? That would be America First. That’s the play call we should be making.”


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Author: Carmel Kookogey