House Democrats are afraid of putting #AbolishICE on their voting record

· July 13, 2018  
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Statue of Liberty Abolish ICE protest
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House Democrats are cowards.

That’s right, they’re afraid of taking their radical open-borders zealotry and putting it on the record for the American people to see in broad daylight. After #AbolishICE protests became all the rage on the Left in recent weeks, several Democratic lawmakers decided to take up the call and adopt the position that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency should be abolished. A few politically calculating House Democrats even thought it would be a good idea to introduce a bill in Congress to abolish ICE. That is an absurd and extreme position.

Well, now House Republicans are calling the Democrats’ bluff and saying,”Okay, you want to Abolish ICE? Let’s vote on it.” Republicans are bringing the bill up for a vote on the floor of the House, the idea being to expose these radicals for what they are or to show that they’re cynically playing to their base without seriously supporting abolishing ICE.

Well, lo and behold, here’s how the three Democrats who introduced the #AbolishICE bill are responding to getting a vote on their legislation:

And here’s the reaction from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (all Democrats), via the Washington Examiner:

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus formally announced its opposition to legislation that would abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, dissolving its duties into other departments.

The Democrats-only Hispanic Caucus issued a statement late Thursday night after House Republican leadership said it plans to bring the bill to floor — a political move to put Democrats on the record ahead of the November elections.

“Simply terminating ICE fails to address President Trump’s underlying cruel immigration policies and priorities that target families and children,” Hispanic Caucus Chair Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M., said in a statement. “Any federal agency charged with conducting immigration enforcement, regardless of their name or place on an organizational chart, will continue to implement Trump’s depraved immigration priorities.”

The Democrats don’t actually want to vote on a bill to abolish ICE. They know that most voters support the agency, whose work involves fighting human smuggling and other deplorable crimes. They’re circus clowns, putting on a show to rile up their base and then getting embarrassed when Republicans pull their pants down in front of their audience.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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