How Trump could get Mexico to pay for the wall

· January 2, 2019  
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Let’s face it: Right now President Trump could use a win. Especially with the recent congressional session putting the lame in “lame duck” and Democrats now poised to take over the House. With congressional Republicans continuing their perennial tradition of punting on every policy fight, it’s time for the president to pick one himself.

And a popular one at that. Perhaps the most popular and signature promise of his victorious 2016 campaign: to finally secure America’s porous southern border by building a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.

Ah, yes, remember that last part there in italics? That seems to be the forgotten, and most important, part of the applause line. No sentient being inhabiting any of the United Federation of Planets believes the reason Democrats don’t want to build a wall is because the party of the welfare state and Obamacare suddenly discovered fiscal responsibility. Likewise, nor should the “it costs too much” protests from a mainstream media persistently pushing socialism upon the American people and calling it “journalism” be taken seriously whatsoever.

But just for fun, let’s take such fraudulent claims at face value and call their bluff. Here’s how: Treat an unruly child like any good parent would. Mexico is the one allowing its territory to be a land bridge to come to America illegally. Mexico is home to several of the drug cartels flooding narcotics into our country. And Mexico is the one relying on “foreign aid” from us. In other words, this is a paternal relationship, and Mexico is the child.

When a child relies on an allowance from his parents for money, they consider that allowance their money. In my home, we require our children to earn their allowances. We don’t just give them one for existing. And when they don’t earn it, we keep it from them. Handle Mexico and the wall in a similar fashion, and totally avoid the false fight over a government shutdown.

We currently give Mexico over $300 million per year in foreign aid. Each year the budgeting process in Washington begins with a budget request from the president of the United States. So why doesn’t President Trump simply announce a budget that redirects all foreign aid to Mexico to the construction of the wall along our southern border until the substantial social debt Mexico owes us is satisfied? After all, who’s more responsible for the need to secure our southern border than Mexico is?

Answer: no one. But don’t stop with Mexico.

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According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, the United States gives about $1.3 billion in combined foreign aid to the countries on President Trump’s “travel ban” list for being terrorist havens. Instead of sending such rogue regimes more of our money, why not redirect it here at home? Let’s apply it toward what is arguably our most glaring homeland security vulnerability: a sieve-like southern border that can be infiltrated by drug mules, MS-13 gangs, and terrorists alike.

President Trump is at his best as a politician when he’s championing the values and priorities of everyday Americans over elites who believe unfettered globalism will lead to a progressive utopia. Well, what’s more populist than standing up for law, order, and national sovereignty, while making the countries seemingly the least appreciative of the American people’s generosity suffer the consequences for a change?

How would Democrats argue against such a proposal? Well, other than calling everything racist, I mean. Since that’s their new default setting for literally everything, they’re going to call the president a racist no matter what he does. The president could emigrate to Mexico himself, and Don Lemon would still do another crazed CNN panel about how racist the president and all his supporters are.

So if they’re going to call you a racist no matter what accommodation you offer, offer them none. Instead, why not go for broke on keeping the campaign promise you made to the American people, with a re-election campaign just around the corner?

Let the Democrats be the party of Mexico’s interests. They already are anyway.

Author: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally every day on BlazeTV. He is the author of the book “Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise).”