Illegal alien in sanctuary Chicago arrested for deaths of two LEGAL immigrants in drunk-driving wreck

· October 25, 2019  
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Drunk driving
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“We are a nation of immigrants,” is the common refrain from the illegal alien lobby. But sadly, when we don’t enforce our basic sovereignty laws, legal immigrants who come here to escape anarchy wind up being victims of criminal aliens. 27-year-old Marko Boskovic, of Revere, Massachusetts, and 26-year-old Laura Uribe, of LaGrange, Illinois, are two immigrants who are now dead thanks to an illegal alien who allegedly killed them while driving drunk. Sadly, their names will never be known to the tone-deaf politicians in Congress.

Juan Rodea-Cruz is accused of veering into oncoming traffic and killing Uribe and Boskovic and seriously injuring a third person while allegedly driving drunk early Sunday morning in Clarendon Hills, a suburb southwest of Chicago. His vehicle struck a car occupied by four people, resulting in the two fatalities and serious injury of another occupant.

According to police, Rodea-Cruz was found alone in his car after the crash with several opened and unopened bottles of beer in the car, along with a broken bottle of hard liquor. He was booked in DuPage County jail on two charges of aggravated DUI resulting in death and one charge of aggravated DUI resulting in serious bodily injury. The DuPage County jail booking shows that there is a detainer on Rodea-Cruz from ICE, which indicates that ICE already believes he is in the country illegally.

Although the incident occurred in neighboring DuPage County, media reports indicate that Rodea-Cruz is from Chicago. It’s very likely that he was attracted to a place like Chicago because he knows officials will never enforce the law and will downright obstruct ICE in its work to remove people like him. Chicago police recently sent out a memo to officers instructing them to leave the scene of an immigration enforcement action rather than cooperate with ICE. They also put out a video lumping in immigration status with gender and race as identities that don’t matter to their officers.

Of course, immigration status does matter. Unlike race or gender, which should never affect criminal justice decisions, knowing immigration status matters in the case of criminal aliens because it’s the difference between having them back on the streets and having them out of the country.

The media calls him a “Chicago man,” but clearly he is not a Chicago man. ICE has not yet responded for comment as of this writing, so it is still unclear from which country Rodea-Cruz hails. But this is a crime that should have never occurred because he should never have been able to live in Chicago.

Illegal alien DUIs are prevalentJust in one year of apprehensions with very limited resources, ICE arrested a pool of aliens who together racked up 80,730 DUIs, not including over 76,000 other driving offenses. A 2010 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that Hispanics are “less likely” to believe that driving while intoxicated is a “safety problem” or that they will be caught in the act. Also, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that “10,607 Latino drivers were involved in alcohol-related crashes in 2009, and the nearly 200 that died represent 31 percent of all DWI driver fatalities in the state.”

In this case, two legal immigrants with promising lives ahead of them were killed because America failed them and did not uphold the promise of a secure nation to which they immigrated. Uribe was from Colombia, and Boscovik was from Serbia. Boscovik’s family has a GoFundMe page to bring his body back to Serbia for a memorial.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.