Illegal aliens rule the roost. What happened to our independence?

· July 6, 2018  
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Stop illegal immigration
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We just celebrated the 242nd anniversary of our independence, but with illegal immigrants, aided and abetted by unelected judges, controlling our destiny, with seemingly no recourse for the American people, perhaps we are no longer an independent people after all.

Here are some of the latest immigration stories you may have missed during this holiday week:

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman indicated during oral arguments that he would side with the liberal states suing the Department of Commerce for adding a citizenship question on the 2020 census form. He claimed the department acted “in bad faith” in the decision-making process and has ordered the government to disclose more information leading up to the decision. That random states could now take the federal government to court for including a basic citizenship question on a form used to exercise one of its most basic mandates is beyond absurd. That the inquiry into the number of citizens in this country, which serves as the foundation for an accurate snapshot of apportionment for electoral purposes, is now taboo with the courts demonstrates how we are no longer a self-governing people. Illegal aliens can enter the country at will, produce anchor babies, demand all sorts of benefits and citizenship for their kids, and then force us to count them in the Census – and federal judges will prevent us from doing anything about it.

Roger Sherman, one of the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence, which declared it our right to be governed by the consent of the governed, explained that naturalization was given to the federal government in order to prevent particular States receiving citizens, and forcing them upon others who would not have received them in any other manner.” Now courts are allowing states to become sanctuaries for illegals, count them in the Census, and then get standing to sue against the federal government for trying to identify true citizens for the purpose of reapportionment, a practice that was done until the 1950s.

Can anyone from Central America just walk across the border and demand asylum, due process, and catch-and-release, even though 90 percent of their claims are bogus? You betcha. On Monday, U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg certified an entire class of Central American asylum-seekers to lodge an injunction against five ICE offices for not granting any paroles to aliens who passed the credible fear test. In other words, he is mandating some form of catch-and-release via individualized parole hearings. The judge admitted he can’t tell ICE what to do, but then went on to say he was holding them to their own standards.

The problem with this ruling is that not only do judges lack jurisdiction to micromanage parole policies of ICE offices, it is built on an erroneous premise. It’s true that most asylum-seekers pass the initial credible fear test, but few of them turn out to be approved for asylum. Roughly 10 percent or fewer of the Central American applications are approved, and the system is rife with fraud. Why should Americans be on the hook for parole and watching them disappear into our communities when 9 out of 10 of them are not even approved by liberal immigration judges? The reality is that, as the Supreme Court has already stated in INS v. Cardoza Fonseca, asylum is no different from any other form of relief in the sense that it’s discretionary. The government can always shut that off, especially under section 1182(f). Yet lower courts are now overturning that and endangering our security in the process.

And no, not all of them are Boy Scouts, not by a long shot.

Last week, a San Diego judge gave standing to illegal aliens to sue against government policies of prosecuting them. Evidently, they have more rights than American criminals and must be reunited with their children by July 26, even though this policy has already deterred new illegal crossings. As Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reports, now the government is diverting resources and cutting corners on security just to fulfill the desires of illegals and help fuel the invasion rather than protecting Americans from it. They are not properly checking documents and are instead relying on DNA testing.

In case you thought Obama’s illegal amnesty was a thing of the past, think again. After several district judges essentially ruled that it’s illegal for Trump to stop breaking immigration law, 20,000 new DACA applications have been approved. And as we noted, many of them have not been properly vetted, while 60,000 have known criminal records in America.

It gets worse. Last week, a district judge from Arizona issued a permanent injunction against the state’s law blocking driver’s licenses for recipients of Obama’s illegal amnesty. And guess what? These same district courts ruled that Arizona cannot ask for proof of citizenship to register to vote. Thus, the motor-voter laws provide a seamless transition into voting for illegals who can now get driver’s licenses because of liberal judges, and there’s no way for the states to weed them out other than an honor system. At the time, the Supreme Court, in a growing pattern of letting the lower courts run roughshod over the states, refused to hear the appeal from Arizona, both in the proof of citizenship case and with regards to driver’s licenses. Illegals have stolen our birthright, forced their way into the Census to give California several more electoral votes, and can now register to vote without any proof of citizenship and with valid driver’s licenses.

Let’s not forget the enormous cost of this invasion. It’s not like it’s coming from charity or the DNC bank account. According to the Washington Times, HHS paid over $1.4 billion last year to care for nearly 41,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) in its facilities, who stayed 41 days on average, costing taxpayers about $670 per day for each child.

Taken together, just the news from the past week demonstrates that we no longer have control over our own destiny. Some might think it’s only fringe Democrat politicians, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying that illegals deserve a free “right of passage” into this country. But judges are essentially accomplishing on the bench what the most radical Democrats cannot accomplish through legislation. As one illegal immigrant who left Guatemala not because of persecution but because of economic reasons told the New York Times, his 16-year-old daughter is his “passport” into the United States. All brought to you by lower court supremacism that is unlikely to change with a new Supreme Court pick.

Webster’s dictionary defines a sovereign nation as “free from external control” and “a country’s independent authority and the right to govern itself.” Yet that right to self-government, even in the most important issues pertaining to the sovereign people, has been stolen from those who created the nation. As John Marshall, the father of a strong judiciary, warned, “All exceptions, therefore, to the full and complete power of a nation within its own territories must be traced up to the consent of the nation itself. They can flow from no other legitimate source.”

Has anyone ever asked our permission?

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.