Ireland may let transgender individuals receive hormone therapy without psychiatric assessment

· July 16, 2018  
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Simon Harris and Leo Varadkar
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and Irish Minister for Health Simon. HarrisArtur Widak/NurPhoto | Getty Images

Ireland is considering letting transgender persons receive hormone therapy without prior professional psychiatric evaluation, the Daily Signal reported Monday.

Irish law currently requires a psychiatric evaluation by a medical professional before an individual may receive hormone therapy, but after a June 19th decision from the World Health Organization that gender dysphoria is no longer a medical condition, Irish Health Minister Simon Harris will meet with trans activist groups in the next two months to determine how Ireland “can adopt international standards,” the Times reported.

The June World Health Organization statement declared that “gender incongruence” has been reclassified from a mental disorder into a “sexual health condition.”

Though previously requiring a “robust diagnosis” from a professional before beginning any hormone treatment, Irish citizens would now be able to receive medical treatment to transition to the sex of their choice at will.

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Author: Carmel Kookogey