Is there anything better than a soldier’s surprise return home?

· November 11, 2016  
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Soldier hugging his young brother and sister
Wyoming Seminary | Vimeo

The men and women who serve the United States in uniform make tremendous sacrifices for their country. They volunteer to go overseas to strange, dangerous lands. The call of duty keeps them away from their wives and husbands, their sons and daughters, their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.

But when the soldier returns home, the long waits are worth it. This Veterans Day, we’ve found some of the most touching videos of soldiers returning home to surprise their loved ones. These creative surprise returns are sure to make you tear up, so grab some tissues.

This big brother drove over 20 hours to make it to his little brother’s pep rally for his football team’s first playoff game. You can see No. 70 rush off the stands to greet his big brother.

Returning from his deployment, the first words this soldier heard were, “It’s a boy!”

Airman First Class Corey Schreffler surprised his grade-school brother and sister after being stationed in New Mexico for 14 months.

After a nine-month deployment, this soldier decided to surprise his kids at school.

And when this girl was called down to the office, she had no idea her father was waiting for her.

This girl’s Air Force father is a “superhero.” The dramatic reveal of the returning father behind the screen was a nice touch.

Then there was this soldier, who had a pressing question on his mind upon his return. Now this was one heck of a cheer.

But wait! Don’t forget the furry friends. These pets are happy to see their masters:

We should all rejoice with these families and celebrate the return of their beloved service members today, Veterans Day.


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