Jim Jordan: Strzok lawyer’s spin on texts ‘doesn’t pass the smell test’

· September 12, 2018  
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Jim Jordan rebuts Strzok lawyer spin
Screenshot | Fox News

Wednesday on Fox News, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, torpedoed spin from fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s lawyer. Strzok attorney Aitan Goelman attempted to explain away text messages that reveal a “media leak strategy” within the Justice Department in April 2017.

“The argument that Mr. Strzok’s making just doesn’t hold water, doesn’t pass the smell test,” Jordan said.

The newly revealed text messages, outlined in a letter Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Monday, seem to show Strzok discussing media leaks with his lover, former FBI attorney Lisa Page. “I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go,” one of the texts reads.

Goelman said Tuesday that the texts were being misinterpreted by Meadows and others for political purposes.

“The term ‘media leak strategy’ in Mr. Strzok’s text refers to a Department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media,” Goelman said. “The president and his enablers are once again peddling unfounded conspiracy theories to mislead the American people.”

Jordan pushed back on that claim.

“Remember, this is the same guy who said ‘we will stop Trump,'” Jordan said. “So their bias was pretty darn clear from some of the earlier text messages we’ve seen. Now we see that there was a media strategy, a leak strategy to influence this whole thing.”

Jordan pointed to the Department of Justice inspector general’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation and the revelation that 13 different FBI officials were working with one reporter, as evidence that the leaks were coordinated.

“If that doesn’t point to some kind of media strategy, leak strategy, I don’t know what does.”

Responding directly to Strzok’s lawyer, Jordan said, “If their strategy was to stop the leaks, they sure didn’t do a very good job.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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