Levin: Be a Thomas Paine. Stand up to the leftist media and vote Tuesday!

· November 5, 2018  
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Mark Levin rallies the vote
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Sunday on Fox News, LevinTV host Mark Levin aired a special election edition of “Life, Liberty & Levin” to issue a final rallying cry for conservatives to vote in Tuesday’s 2018 midterm elections.

Levin read from American patriot Thomas Paine’s famous pamphlet “The American Crisis,” which called American soldiers to the cause of the War for Independence from British tyranny.

“What kind of soldier are you?” Levin asked his audience. “Are you a soldier for liberty or not? Because that’s what this election’s all about.”

Levin discussed the Founding Fathers and their understanding of liberty, limited government, and a free press. He praised the revolutionary press and the pamphleteers who made the case against tyranny. He contrasted their patriotism with the “progressive Left agenda” of the modern press.

“So this election is about not only defeating many, many radicals that the Democrats have nominated — some of them are outright bigots,” Levin said. “But it’s also about pushing back against the media that has no comprehension whatsoever what freedom of the press means, the history of freedom of the press, and why it’s so important.”

Levin said there is a “cultural battle” ongoing between progressive “so-called journalists,” who are mostly Democrats, and “those of us who wish to uphold our traditions, those of us who actually believe in constitutional republicanism.”

Revisiting the Kavanaugh hearings, Levin said that “basic issues of Western civilization and the Enlightenment, basic issues of the American Founding” like “due process” and “presumption of innocence” were rejected by progressive Democrats. He added that the media, which favors the Democrats, not only aided in the character assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but attempts to do the same to the American people by labeling conservatives “racist” or comparing us to Nazis and white supremacists.

“They’re trashing you, the American people. They’re comparing you to Nazis. They’re calling you racists. They’re calling you white supremacists,” Levin said. “We reject this. We abhor this. We embrace individual liberty and constitutionalism and unalienable rights for all people.”

Levin called on his audience to be “Thomas Paines” and rally their friends and family to vote on Tuesday and to oppose the Left.

“It’s time to stand up. That’s what Tuesday’s about. For ourselves, for our families, for our faith, for our country, for our party, and for our president.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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