Levin: Comey did Obama’s ‘dirty work,’ and Trump STILL came out on top

· June 14, 2018  
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Hillary Clinton and James Comey
Angela Weiss | Getty Images

Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin slammed former FBI director James Comey for his treatment of the Clinton email investigation, as revealed in the Justice Department inspector general’s report.

“You know who comes out best in this report? You know who comes out best? Donald Trump,” Levin said. “I read this, and I think to myself, how is it that Barack Obama didn’t fire James Comey? Well, the answer’s simple: because James Comey was doing his dirty work.”


Levin also lit into Comey for his use of a personal email account to conduct FBI business, the very offense he was looking into for the Hillary Clinton investigation.

“No wonder he was soft on Hillary Clinton,” he said.

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Author: Carmel Kookogey