Levin crushes Nancy Pelosi: ‘She should be expelled from the House’ for her race-baiting statement

· January 26, 2018  
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Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters
J. Scott Applewhite | AP Photo

Friday night on his radio show, LevinTV host Mark Levin blasted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for suggesting Trump’s immigration plans are to “make America white again.”

“This is such a hateful, unconscionable, demagogic statement that she should be expelled from the House of Representatives,” Levin suggested.

And he was just getting started. Listen:

“She’s not just condemning whites or white people,” Levin added. “She is condemning the principles because the progressives hate the principles upon which this country was founded.”


Author: Phil Shiver

Phil Shiver is a staff writer for TheBlaze. He has a BA in history and an MA in theology. He currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. You can reach him at pshiver@blazemedia.com or on Twitter @kpshiver3.