Levin doubles down with MORE proof Mueller’s authority is unconstitutional

· May 22, 2018  
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Robert Mueller
SAUL LOEB/AFP | Getty Images

LevinTV host Mark Levin made the case yesterday that the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller is unconstitutional under the Appointments Clause.

Tuesday on his radio program, Levin doubled down, following a report that Levin said proves “at least four of the individuals who report to [Mueller] are effectively assistant U.S. attorneys.”

Levin called the news “the icing on the cake” in confirming that Mueller’s appointment violates the Constitution.


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Author: Phil Shiver

Phil Shiver is a staff writer for TheBlaze. He has a BA in history and an MA in theology. He currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. You can reach him at pshiver@blazemedia.com or on Twitter @kpshiver3.