Levin: Giving Mueller power to indict a president would be an ‘abomination’

· August 8, 2018  
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FBI Director Robert Muller holds news conference
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Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin addressed how arguments in favor of a special counsel’s ability to indict President Trump for alleged obstruction of justice are really arguments for undoing the 2016 election.

“The Constitution is the president’s friend,” Levin said. He reiterated that under the Constitution and according to the Department of Justice, the president of the United States cannot be indicted for a crime, period. Further, Levin noted that there is not even an assertion that Trump has committed a crime. He also stressed that special counsel Mueller has no authority to question Trump about his constitutional authority to fire subordinates like former FBI Director James Comey.

Levin considers the idea that a duly elected president could be prosecuted for obstructing justice because he used his constitutional authority to fire a subordinate an “abomination.”


“For one prosecutor, a myopically obsessed prosecutor to reverse that entire process, to denude us of the outcome of the election, to undo an election, to try and remove a president is an abomination. It’s unconscionable,” he said.

Levin said that for any unaccountable, unelected prosecutor to be able to subpoena, cross-examine, or indict a president at will is an “absolute evisceration of our constitutional order.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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