Levin: That ‘good-for-nothing’ McConnell ‘eviscerated’ our constitutional system with the omnibus

· March 23, 2018  
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Mitch McConnell addresses the media with GOP leadership
Aaron P. Bernstein | Getty Images

“Where’s Mitch McConnell?” LevinTV host Mark Levin asked on his radio program after President Trump signed Congress’ $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Friday.

“Has anybody seen or heard from Mitch McConnell? I mean, he’s the guy behind the scenes. He’s the Svengali who put all this together. He’s the good-for-nothing, big-spending, deal-cutting, self-serving phony politician who put this all together behind closed doors and threatens his colleagues in the Senate should they dare to challenge him or question him.”

Levin criticized McConnell, the rest of Congress, and the president for passing the omnibus and consigning future generations to bear the burden of massive, unsustainable, enslaving debt.


“We’ve now reached a point, I believe, of no return,” Levin declared, referring to the unwillingness of either party to slow the growth of government. “The progressive Republicans have won. The progressive Democrats have won.”

“What took place here is not only the most profligate spending bill in American history,” Levin said. “What also took place here was an evisceration of our constitutional system.” How so? Because McConnell and the rest of GOP leadership forbade members of Congress from amending the bill, depriving voters of their representation in Congress.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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