Levin: ‘Human souls were slaughtered … and they’re attacking our president’

· March 18, 2019  
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President Trump vetoes emergency declaration resolution approved by Congress
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Friday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into the American media for claiming the president of the United States is at least partially responsible for the mass murder in a New Zealand mosque late Thursday. Multiple news outlets including CNN and MSNBC blamed President Trump’s “rhetoric” for inciting the Australian murderer’s slaughter of at least 49 victims.

“This didn’t happen in the United States. This was not an American who did this. This has nothing to do with our Second Amendment,” Levin said. “They have very strict gun laws in Australia, and they have strict gun laws in New Zealand. And both countries have laws against murdering people. There is evil on the face of this earth. I don’t know if the media know it or not. What do you think ISIS is, and al Qaeda? And the Muslim Brotherhood? Our prisons are filled with evil people — mass murderers, rapists. Look around the world. Look at Un, and Xi, and Putin, and Castro, and all the rest. That’s why you and I, we revere our Declaration. We revere our Constitution. We revere capitalism. We revere liberty. And we have people within our own country who attack these institutions that make and keep this nation a civil nation. We do not have a free press in this country; we have a propaganda mill.”

“Forty-nine human souls were slaughtered … and they’re attacking our president,” Levin said.


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Author: Carmel Kookogey