Levin: ‘I’d take a cartoon over a leftist any day of the week’

· June 1, 2018  
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Michelle and Barack Obama
Matt McClain/The Washington Post | Getty Images

Friday morning on “Fox & Friends,” LevinTV host Mark Levin talked about Ben Rhodes’ new book about his time with the Obama administration, titled “The World As It Is.”

The book includes musing from Obama that he came “10 or 20 years too early,” suggesting America was not ready for his presidency.

Levin answered, “I believe the country’s never been ready for President Obama.”

“When you want to fundamentally transform a country, you know what that means, Brian? That means you don’t love your country. You want to fundamentally transform a country, what do you want to do? Fundamentally transform its economy, from capitalism to something else? Fundamentally transform its government, from a constitutional republic to something else?”


He pointed out that if Obama was ten or twenty years early, it was a good thing: “Maybe America has never been ready for Barack Obama and should never be ready for Barack Obama,” Levin said.

In response to quotes from then-President Obama calling President Trump a “cartoon,” Levin was blunt.

“I’d take a cartoon over a leftist any day of the week.”

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Author: Carmel Kookogey