Levin: No second special counsel? Here’s how we can STILL investigate the FBI

· June 15, 2018  
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Dave Newman | Flickr

If the Department of Justice won’t listen to growing calls for a special counsel to investigate the FBI, LevinTV host Mark Levin says still there’s another way for the American people to get the answers they deserve after the release of the inspector general’s damning report on the Bureau.

On his radio show Wednesday night, Levin, the former chief of staff to Attorney General Ed Meese, pointed out that there’s a Trump-appointed United States attorney in the District of Columbia: Jessie K. Liu.

Since the FBI is located inside Liu’s jurisdiction, Levin pondered, then why doesn’t Ms. Liu — as a top federal prosecutor — start looking into the matter herself?


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Author: Nate Madden

Nate Madden is BlazeTV’s congressional correspondent. Follow him @NateOnTheHill or send tips to nmadden@blazemedia.com.