Levin on Pelosi’s impeachment cave: ‘It’s that simple: She’s not a brilliant strategist’

· January 13, 2020  
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Pelosi in Capitol Building
Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hand the impeachment articles over to the Senate after weeks of stalling.

Levin went over the news that Pelosi had finally announced that the articles would be sent over this week and noted how her attempt to extract concessions out of the Senate over the trial process had failed.

“So she blew it — Pelosi,” Levin said of the speaker. “She’s an egomaniac, she’s a narcissist, she’s power-hungry. It’s that simple: She’s not a brilliant strategist.”

“And so,” the host concluded, “Pelosi lost.”


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Author: Nate Madden

Nate Madden is BlazeTV’s congressional correspondent. Follow him @NateOnTheHill or send tips to nmadden@blazemedia.com.