Levin points out a big problem with the Kavanaugh hearings

· September 27, 2018  
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Christine Blasey Ford testifies
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Reacting to the first round of questions in Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Christine Blasey Ford, LevinTV host Mark Levin said the Democrats were being partisans while the Republicans were trying to establish facts.

So far during the hearing, the Democrats are making partisan speeches and the GOP questioner is trying to pin down the…

Posted by Mark Levin on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Levin makes a good point about the “five minute rule.” What’s happening is that each senator is given five minutes to ask questions. A Republican speaks, and then a Democrat speaks. The Republicans are having a prosecutor with experience in sexual assault cases, Rachel Mitchell, ask questions on their behalf.

The problem is that Mitchell must stop every five minutes to let a Democrat speak, which interrupts the flow of her questioning. As a result, Ford benefits by giving emotional testimony for the Democrats, who want her to look good on TV. The actual facts of the case aren’t being discussed consistently since the questioning changes every five minutes.

Here’s an idea for the GOP to fix the problem: Each Republican should reserve his time and let the Democrats ask their questions. Once all of the the Democrats use up their time, then Mitchell should use the reserved balance of the GOP’s time to ask her questions uninterrupted.

If they don’t do that, this hearing will not be about uncovering the facts.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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