Levin: Roger Ailes showed people that ‘courage does matter’

· May 19, 2017  
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Jim Cooper | AP Photo

In the third hour of his radio program Thursday night, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin paid tribute to the late Roger Ailes, the founder and former chairman and CEO of Fox News.

Levin shared a previously untold story about meeting Ailes in New York and discussing the conservative movement. “An extremely intelligent man,” Levin said of Ailes. “He was very kind.”


“He was a pioneer,” Levin said. “He created the Fox News Channel … and he also demonstrated that conservatism – or even right-of-center, I should say – that Americans had a right to more than they were receiving in television.”

“He did something that I honestly believe nobody else could’ve done. I really do,” Levin said. “He gave a platform to some really, really top talented people and he let them demonstrate whether or not they could succeed. And most of them did.”

“So I just want to say rest in peace, Roger Ailes. Thank you for creating the Fox News Channel, and thank you for showing so many people that courage does matter.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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