Levin: Samantha Bee should be ‘banned from television’… but she won’t because she’s a leftist

· May 31, 2018  
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Samantha Bee
Amanda Edwards | Getty Images

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin gave his take on the controversy surrounding self-proclaimed comedienne Samantha Bee and the disgusting language she used towards Ivanka Trump.

Bee’s pathetic attempt at a joke was just the latest attack on Donald Trump’s family, which is constantly singled out for vicious hatred from the Left.

“The treatment of this family is utterly and completely un-American,” Levin said.


“Now this fool, this Samantha Bee, should be banned from television,” Levin said. But he thinks she will get away with her comments, unlike Roseanne Barr, who immediately lost her hit show, because Bee is a Trump-hating leftist — and because even comments this sick, directed at Trump or his family, are not out of bounds on the Left.

“If you’re a leftist, you can be a bigot, you can be a homophobe, you can be a misogynist … and you can be celebrated as heroes,” he said.

Carmel Kookogey contributed to this report.

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