Levin: Tax reform is ‘85% good,’ but about that other 15% …

· November 2, 2017  
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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin gave his take on the Republican tax reform plan.

“I think it’s about 85 percent good, 15 percent not so good,” Levin said.

“One thing this does not do, which the Democrats are saying,  it doesn’t give the rich a damn thing,” Levin said.

A Washington Post fact check found the Democrats were lying about this plan raising taxes on working families. “And yet the Democrats cannot control themselves,” he said.  


Even though the Democrats are wrong, Levin accused Republicans of falling for the class warfare games of the Left: “The Republicans are sounding like good little Marxists. They’re worried about class warfare rather than slashing taxes across the board.”

Levin explained how this is not tax reform. There are tax cuts, but the elimination of some tax deductions and tax credits is effectively a tax increase for some people.

“There should be no increase in taxes for anybody. For anybody,” he said. “You’re slashing taxes in one respect and yet you’re slashing deductions in another respect. It’s not something that I buy into.”

“As I say, it’s 85 percent OK, but the whole theory behind this is somewhat schizophrenic.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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