Levin: THIS is the lawless, anti-American Democrat Party

· October 27, 2017  
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A major Democratic donor is now calling for an open coup against President Trump. Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer has launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign to push Democratic leadership in Congress to impeach President Trump.

“Mr. Steyer is trying to lead a coup,” LevinTV host Mark Levin said on Friday evening’s radio program. “The impeachment clause isn’t there if some citizen, some billionaire decides he wants to take out a president.”

“We’ve had a coup effort by the Democrat Party ever since Donald Trump was elected,” Levin said. “The issue is, what is the purpose of the Democratic party?”


“It is an utterly lawless operation. The ends justify the means, that’s the mission. The centralization of power – to do what? Well, obviously some of them want to make an enormous amount of money. But most of them wanna impose their will on you and me.”

“The Democrat Party is a party with a collective, totalitarian mindset,” Levin continued. “The Democrat Party is an entity that really is the anti-Constitution, anti-republic entity,” he added.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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