Levin: Trump threw wall leverage ‘out the window’ on debt deal

· September 6, 2017  
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Vice President Mike Pence looks on with President Donald Trump during a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. AP Images | Evan Vucci


Just hours after news broke that President Trump had defied conservatives and Republicans by cutting a stop-gap debt limit and budget deal with Democrat leadership Wednesday, President Trump not only turned his back on the people who elected him, but also gave away his biggest bargaining chips for a wall on the southern border, says Mark Levin.

Levin had some thoughts on Trump backtracking with his shutdown-delaying budget resolution, which was hitched to the Hurricane Harvey relief package.

“Now the president who said he would shut down the government in order to get the wall completely backtracked,” Levin remarked. “Not only is he not shutting down the government, but the debt is completely out of control and they’re doing absolutely nothing about it but adding to it.”

“He’s going to increase the debt limit without getting a damn thing,” Levin said. “All the leverage, thrown out the window.”

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Author: Nate Madden

Nate Madden is BlazeTV’s congressional correspondent. Follow him @NateOnTheHill or send tips to nmadden@blazemedia.com.