Levin WARNED: Mueller has ALWAYS been all about impeaching Trump

· December 5, 2017  
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LevinTV host Mark Levin reminded Americans on his radio show Monday night that Robert Mueller, since his very appointment as special counsel, has been a tool for Democrats to impeach Trump.

Levin called it from the start — literally right after Trump’s election victory for president.

“They are plotting right now, mark my words. They are plotting right now, trying to figure out ways to bring down this administration, even before the week is over,” Levin said in November 2016.

Just half a year ago, Levin predicted: “You know what Robert Mueller’s doing? … He’s going to write a report one day … which will be used as the basis for impeachment if [the Democrats] can win the House of Representatives.”

That is why the Democrats want the Russia investigation to be “as broad as possible,” Levin said.


Last week’s plea deal with former national security adviser Michael Flynn is a continuation of just that — a broad investigation for the sole purpose of impeaching Trump.

This investigation has never been about finding justice, but has always been about ousting the sitting president.

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Author: Phil Shiver

Phil Shiver is a staff writer for TheBlaze. He has a BA in history and an MA in theology. He currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. You can reach him at pshiver@blazemedia.com or on Twitter @kpshiver3.