Levin: ‘You and I have no idea exactly what took place in that courtroom’ during the Jim Acosta ruling

· November 16, 2018  
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Freedom of the press
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Friday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for not releasing a public transcript of today’s ruling on Jim Acosta’s press pass.

“This judge issues a [temporary restraining order], so we went into the usual places to look for his ruling, right Mr. Producer? … We all looked, and we couldn’t find it. So this was a ruling from the bench, it was not a written ruling. There’s no written order. A ruling from the bench. Now the irony here, ladies and gentlemen, is there’s no cameras in this courtroom. To my knowledge, there’s no broadcast equipment of any kind for radio and so forth. So, you and I were left out of the courtroom. You and I were left out of the information flow as it it took place,” Levin said.

“You and I have no idea exactly what took place in that courtroom,” Levin continued. “We the American people.”

Levin was told by the court that a transcript of the proceedings won’t be publicly available for 90 days, but it is available for purchase. Accessing it now requires a fee for each page of the document, filling out an extensive application, and the approval of the court’s office.

“If you want to know what took place in that courtroom and read an actual copy of the transcript of the judge’s proceedings in that courtroom over this matter where the people have the right to know, they tell us, you’ll have a hell of a time getting it. The vast majority of the people reporting on this today have not read the transcript — unless they were in the courtroom. Isn’t that amazing?” Levin asked.


“Freedom of the press, baby! Except when it comes to the federal judiciary. That’s a fact.”

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Author: Carmel Kookogey