Levin: You need a ‘negative IQ’ to compare Ivanka’s email to Hillary’s

· November 20, 2018  
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On his radio show Tuesday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin defended Ivanka Trump from the media smears attempting to connect her private email use to Hillary Clinton’s use and illegal scrubbing of an email server on which she discussed classified information.

But first, Levin urged his listeners to be thankful for the blessings that we have in this country

“This is truly such a special country, no thanks to the leftists,” he stated. “And by the way, no thanks to the modern media, either, despite what they may claim.”

Levin continued, discussing the media’s attacks against Ivanka Trump.

“Ivanka Trump is an extraordinary young lady. … She’s an extraordinary businesswoman. She’s an extraordinary daughter. Very loyal to her father. She’s got a lot of poise, and yet they try to destroy her,” Levin commented. 

He added: “Now Ivanka Trump apparently used her private email … to do government business. And of course for the Democrats, this is equivalent to Hillary Clinton. But you really do have to have a negative IQ to draw that conclusion, and I’ll explain why.”


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Author: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review and editor of The Dossier for Blaze Media. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.