Liberal Mary Fallin appointed co-chair of RNC platform committee

· May 24, 2016  
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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin proposes increasing the cigarette tax and expanding the sales tax to a variety of services that are currently exempt as a way to close an estimated $900 million hole in next year's budget during her State of the State address, Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 in Oklahoma City. J Pat Carter | AP Photo

Here is an anecdote that perfectly exemplifies the state of play within the modern day Republican Party.

Oklahoma is easily among the most conservative states, if not THE most conservative state, in the country.  Yet, because we live under a political oligarchy, the most conservative state cannot even stop the most extreme leftist concepts, namely, that men are women too.

As soon as Obama promulgated his transgender mandate earlier this month, the Oklahoma legislature jumped into action to block the illegal edict.  The bathroom safety bill, SB 1619, was originally sponsored by the Senate pro temp and the House speaker.  Suddenly, the Chamber of (Crony) Commerce came out against the bill, and Speaker Jeffrey Hickman took his name off it.  According to local grassroots activists, Gov. Mary Fallin, who has not uttered a word in defense of state’s rights against Obama’s absurd and immoral decree, has ensured that state party leaders backed off the bill.  With just three days left until the end of the session, the bill is now stalled.

This betrayal follows on the heels of Gov. Fallin vetoing the most sweeping pro-life bill to pass a state legislature in years.  Thanks to Fallin’s veto, Oklahoma will get its first abortion clinic next month since 1974.  Thus, we have a state where every state-wide and federally elected official is a Republican, every county voted against Obama, Republicans have a 4-1 majority in the Senate and super majority in the House, yet they can’t stand for life or for a man being a man!

In what is unlikely a coincidence, Gov. Fallin was rewarded for her perfidy by being chosen as a co-chair of the RNC Platform Committee at the convention in Cleveland!

Could you imagine Democrats choosing a governor who had just vetoed a gay privileges bill or a gun control bill being selected to co-chair their committee drafting the party platform?  Could you imagine a Democrat governor of any sort in a deep blue state vetoing liberal legislation on critical issues at all?  Yet, in the Republican Party, bucking the party platform is a resume enhancer…enough to elevate you to drafting the party platform!  In the case of Gov. Fallin, she badly wants to be considered as Trump’s running mate.  Hence, she has tossed social issues under the bus (not that recognizing men as men and women as women is a social issue).

Therein lies the imbalance between the parties.  Our problems run much deeper than the betrayal on the federal level.  We don’t even have conservative leadership among the ranks of Republicans in the states where Democrats are completely marginalized.  Republicans control the trifecta of the legislatures and governorships in 23 states, many of them with super majorities in the legislatures, yet North Carolina is the only state that has successfully stood up against a gender-bender agenda that was considered extreme even for Democrats just a few years ago.

This is why the question of whether to vote for Trump or not misses the point.  Whatever you personally decide to do, if conservatives fail to unite behind broader strategies to either take back the Republican Party or chart the path to a third party, the two liberal parties will stifle conservative ideas in all 50 states.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.