Louisiana Sen. Kennedy on the omnibus: ‘Yeah, it sucks’ and takes a ‘whiz’ on every American taxpayer

· March 22, 2018  
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Senator John Kennedy points
Andrew Harrer | Getty Images

On Thursday, a reporter caught up with Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., to ask him about the omnibus spending bill.

His three-word response: “Yeah, it sucks.”

Sen. Kennedy said he would “vote against it twice if they would let me.” But when asked if he would vote against moving the bill forward in the Senate, he said “I don’t know yet.”

He also said he doesn’t know what’s in the more than 2,000-page bill that was released Wednesday night.

“This is an embarrassment,” Kennedy said. “I said it yesterday and I meant it: This is a Great Dane-sized whiz down the leg of every taxpayer in this country. No thought whatsoever to adding over one trillion dollars in debt.”

Asked if he would follow the lead of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who, it is speculated, is considering holding up the spending bill, Kennedy again said “I don’t know yet” but reiterated that he would not vote for the omnibus.

Say what? Why doesn’t he know whether he will vote against moving the bill forward? Sen. Kennedy said he would vote against this bill twice. There is one vote to end debate and another to pass the bill. He has his opportunity.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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