Mark Levin and Bill Bennett discuss how the Left has warped public education — and young American minds

· March 18, 2019  
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mark levin discusses education with Bill Bennett
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The public education that American kids are getting today leans much further left than what they got three decades ago, Reagan-era Education Secretary Bill Bennett told LevinTV host Mark Levin.

During an interview on Sunday night’s episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” the two discussed how the far Left has co-opted the educational establishment and twisted curricula to benefit its political and cultural agenda.

“Right now the debate [about education] … maybe is worse, because a lot of the Left … is now suggesting that school first and foremost is not about reading and writing and math and history; it’s about social equity and social justice.”

Bennett also discussed how conservatives can push back against the government’s education leviathan. One of the biggest problems, he says, is the fact that we as a country and a society just aren’t teaching history the way that we should be.

“Our worst subject is American history,” Bennett lamented. “You cannot love a country — and how do you ask someone to defend a country that a young person doesn’t know, not familiar with? Don’t know the story? Or if they do know the story, they know the story according to widely used, left-wing, tendentious American history textbooks.”


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Author: Nate Madden

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